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 うわじまマルシェ、本日15日は雨の為終了時間が早まり、16:00で閉店しました。 明日16日は10:00〜16:00まで開催してます。 蛇口からみかんジュース、柑橘ソムリエさんの美味しいみかんジュース、パクチー醤油、ラスクなどなど、真珠以外も沢山の宇和島産がありますので、ぜひ道後にどうぞ! #うわじまマルシェ #土居真珠 #道後温泉 #道後 #宇和島 #道後温泉飛鳥乃湯泉

The Uwakai Sea is characterized by the deep bay with ria coastline and blessed with abundant nature, and it is also in the most privileged natural environment suitable for pearl farming.
Pearls are cultured by making good use of abundant natural blessings.
Beautiful pearls are produced by our reliable technology and thorough work that has continued three generations.


The process takes about a year. The pearls produced after the processes are called “Tonen-mono (harvested within a year)”.
The pearls harvested in the following year after nurtured in the ocean for another year are called “Koshi-mono (harvested over the year).” “Koshi-mono” stays in the ocean a year longer so that the nacre layer becomes thicker and we tend to get higher quality pearls.
However, the mortality rate of Akoya oysters becomes higher and not all the pearls have higher quality, so in other words, it’s taking a big risk.
Doi Pearl makes an effort to increase the quantity of “Koshi-mono” as much as possible in order to produce higher quality pearls.

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Among those pearls which are known for their extremely high quality from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, the pearls that draw people's attention the most are "UBUDAMA." The characteristics of them are their strong brightness that looks as if they were golden jade. Its name originates from its "mother naked" purity and innocent beauty. "UBUDAMA" is the original brand from the long established business, Doi Pearl Co.,Ltd., which has been continuously trading for more than half a century in the home of pearls, Uwajima.



You can learn while actually experiencing the process of making pearls and how to distinguish pearls. We offer two kinds of courses, "Pearl Cultural Experience Tour Normal Course" and "Pearl Culture Experience Tour Souvenirs Course".

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Yang Guifei, one of the three most beautiful women in the world, is to be said she would use pearl power to maintain her beauty. Cleopatra, who is also considered as one of the three most beautiful women in the world, has a legend that she put a pearl in her wine and drank it. There is a legend that pearls have been used for beauty since ancient times.

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