Kazunori Doi

Doi Pearl co.,Ltd.

Kazunori entered Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology after graduating from a local high school.
A lot of his classmates were fond of fishing as it was a fishery-related university, they therefore often envied Kazunori saying “it’s great you can go fishing anytime in Uwajima since the ocean is right in front of you.”, but Kazunori didn’t appreciate it so much as fishing wasn’t something he would do back then
“Indeed, the ocean was just right in front, but I never appreciated its charm. It intrigued my interest for the first time only when my friends mentioned it, and it made me think Uwajima was a very attractive place.” He was also impressed that Uwajima was the best known place in Japan for pearls, which his family was engaged in.
“There are lots of resources in Uwajima. My instinct told me that I could do a world-wide business when all these pieces came together.”

Awards History
Excellent SMEs and Micro Enterprises Selection 300
Ehime Prefecture’s best company 50
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Published in Rebirth-project
Published in President of
Published in travel guide book “Kotorippu”
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