Privacy Policy

On the website operated by DoiPearl, we recognize the importance of personal information protection, believe that it is a social responsibility to properly utilize and protect personal information, and promise to strive to protect personal information.

1.Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is information about an individual and information which can be used to identify specific persons such as name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, information on a credit card, occupation, work place, and inquiries.

2.Collection and Use of Personal Information

We will collect and use personal information only within the scope of the following purposes: Collection and use of personal information by our company is based on voluntary provision by customers, and in the event that the customer provides personal information, the customer has licensed our company to utilize personal information in accordance with this policy.
  1. Operations necessary for delivering the products which were ordered from our company
  2. Inquiries from our company, confirmation, and opinions collection for the improvement of services which are necessary for business operations
  3. Responding to various inquiries

3.Third Party Provision of Personal Information

We do not disclose or provide personal information to any third parties without obtaining your consent. However, this does not apply in the following cases.
  1. Based on laws and ordinances
  2. In the cases when we cannot obtain your consent in the event that the life, body or property of the customer or a third party will be damaged.
  3. Under the circumstances where it is necessary to cooperate in carrying out administrative affairs prescribed by laws and regulations in response to a government agency or local public entity or its consignment, when there is the risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs by obtaining the consent of the customer.
  4. In cases in which we need to protect or defend our rights, property or services from behavior against laws and regulations or actions contrary to our terms of use or precautions, and when we are also unable to obtain your consent

4.Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent leakage, destruction, or damage of personal information, we have established a person responsible for the protection of personal information, will strive for adequate safety protection, and to properly manage your personal information and keep personal information accurate and up to date. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for necessary web pages for security during data transmission related to personal information via the Internet.

5.Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and the Revision of Personal Information Policy

Our company manages and utilizes personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan. We may revise this privacy statement in order to adapt to changes in laws and regulations of Japan, to make protection of personal information more reliable or for other reasons.


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