1974 Born in 1974, Uwajima-shi, Ehime Prefecture. Graduated from Uwajima east high school and Tokyo University of Fisheries (now Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology). Working at the pearl science laboratory.
Return home to Uwajima.
1997 【Pearl Master】Certified by Pearl Science laboratory
2005 President of Doi Pearl co., ltd.
2007 ANA Emotional Guide
2009 Chairman of Fisheries Cooperative Association for Youths in Miura
2009 Director of Fishery cooperative federation EHIME Youth Council

Uwajima City, where I live, is situated in the southwest of Shikoku and the primary industry, specifically oceanic aquaculture, is prosperous. The unique topography, surrounded with deep creeks which are characteristic of the Rias coast, as well as the blessed fishing environment due to a suitable change of water temperature, allows all year round cultivation. Therefore, the pearl cultivation in this specific area has the best of both quality and quantity within Japan and it is the main industry that represents Uwajima.
The history of Doi Pearl Co.,Ltd., began in 1957 when the founder, Nobunori Doi, my grandfather, started a seedling collection of Akoya oysters abalone used for pearl cultivation. For over 60 years, throughout the generations, manufacturing has always been our passion alongside the pearl industry which has been continuously going up and down. We also have been dedicated ourselves to our local community focusing on Uwajima as well as having continued our steps to treasure our “fate” with many people for a long period of time, including moving the business onto pearl cultivation, starting a division of processing and selling as well as starting a pearl cultivation experience tour, etc.
We will continuously provide manufacturing of a wide variety of MADE IN JAPAN and MADE IN UWAJIMA merchandise that highlight the pearls of Uwajima, lovingly nurtured over the generations along with our local community and which we are proud of to the world, and we will continually do our best to spread the charm of Uwajima to all people in order to have more individuals become fans of Uwajima.

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Company Name
Doi Pearl co.,Ltd.
Kazunori Doi
5121-9 Miuranishi, Uwajima, Ehime, 798-0102, Japan
TEL 0895-29-0011 FAX 0895-29-0297
Member organization
Fisheries Cooperative Association of Ehime in Miura
Uwajima pearl sales association

Award-winning・Participation project

The Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry (METI) selected outstanding efforts of SMEs, micro enterprises that showcase leadership in various fields, including the development of innovative products, the creation of new services, contribution to communities and the revitalization of regional economies, and recognize them as model examples called “Excellent SMEs and Micro Enterprises Selection 300.”

In Ehime prefecture, powerful industries cultivated in the natural environment, history and climate are rooted in Toyo, Chunichi and Namsu, and a large number of companies boasting superior technical power and high product share are accumulated. In order to introduce the companies that Ehime boasts, we conducted a questionnaire survey for 2,500 enterprises in the prefecture as “Entrepreneurial company excavation survey project” and selected Doi Pearl among 50 companies selected based on the result It is.

Ehime Prefecture aims to construct a recycling-oriented society, and as a good model of business establishments and stores actively pursuing other recycling products, waste generation reduction, reuse and recycling, as an example We certify and widely notify to the prefectural people, and we are implementing the “Ehime prefecture resource circulation superior model certification system” in order to spread to other business operators etc.

WEB magazine to convey the merits of Shikoku. The interview of the president was posted.

It is a project promoted by All Japan to expand the circle of actions that people across the country take over the ocean to the future, such as the deterioration of the environment progressing in the sea.An interview video of the president was posted.


About 20 minutes by car from JR Uwajima Station · city center From Uwajima South Interchange, take Route 56 and enter the Route 37 Route, Approximately 15 minutes by car

Miuranishi, Uwajima-shi, Ehime,
798-0102, Japan
Open from 9:00 a.m to 17:00 p.m